Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag + Phone Case

  • $24.99

Hallomall Waterproof Dry Bag Set!

The amazing Dry Bag backpack sack Keeps all your belongings perfectly dry!
As long as you have the sealed dry bag on your back, you can be sure that no drop of water will come close to your belongings!

You will fall in love with this dry bag backpack sack!
Dry Bag waterproof sack made from durable 500 D PVC, super resistant to scratch and heat, is the very floating dry bag you have been looking for!

Hop on your surfboard, your kayak or on that old fishing boat, waiting by the river and let the adventure begin! The Dry Bag is right here to keep your company and your things dry!

22L Waterproof Backpack material: 500D high-density PVC fabric
22L Waterproof Backpack waterproof degree: IPX6
Phone Case: waterproof IPX8

Kindly remind:
The backpack is heavy rain-resistant and spill-resistant. But we suggest not to float on water or submerge into water.
The phone case is IPX8 waterproof rating, please do not put it under water deeper than 33ft.

Packing list:
1x 22L waterproof backpack
1x waterproof phone case